Shun Kodori

古酉 峻

16 years

Shun Kodori (古酉 峻, Kodori Shun) is one of the 8 playable routes and one of the 9 choices to be Hiroyuki’s boyfriend during the events of Morenatsu. He is Gaku Kodori’s second cousin. Shun is an extremely cheerful wolf that also includes a touch of childishness. Even though he looks like a child, he is just one year younger than the rest.

Shun is considered the child of the group as he is naive about many subjects and can be easily fooled. He loves to play video games, talk with his friends, and is very energetic.

Shun has a cheerful and joyful behavior and he is rarely upset. He always manage to find a way to cheer up, sometimes relying on someone else.

Something else that is noticeable in Shun’s behaviour is his childish and tender side, always helping someone and trying to cheer up that person up. However, he sometimes fails in his own arguments and ends up feeling upset. Within just a few moments, he can become really cheerful again, just like a kid.

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Art Series

Shun & Kouya (Official)

Art of Shun Kodori