The herald of Saeki Shrine, he appears as a huge white fox that protected the shrine for 15 generations of successors of the Saeki family. Although seemingly laid-back and uninterested in human affairs, Gintarou actually cares a lot for Makoto despite his claims that she is annoying. He has a penchant for oranges due to […]

Silver Snow

This is a long overdue translation of one my favorite artist, Haruki! Yes, it’s back to the same-old Gintarou being bottom…But this one is especially nice~ Enjoy!! On E-Hentai

Jin Macchiato

Jin is the son of a factory worker, so he’s tinkered with machines since a young age. He tends to have a blunt attitude but is actually a serious and proud craftsman with a strong will and sense of duty. Jin is a Basset Hound Caninu with very little attire, with only a bandana, belt, and undone […]


Legoshi is a male gray wolf and the main protagonist of Beastars. Though feared and misjudged by others for being a tall carnivore, he is actually quite mild-mannered, docile and awkward. Legoshi has taken it upon himself to solve the mystery of the murder of Tem and later finds out first hand the extent of the prejudices of the […]

Lin Hu

The Guardian Tiger in Mazu’s temple. Brought to Taipei by Liao. As Liao gains the ability to talk with spirits, Lin Hu seeks to bring him home and have him tend to the family business. However, Liao believes being an Oracle is old fashioned, putting the tiger in a difficult position. Having lived with Liao […]


A clouded leopard from the Rukai, with a tattoo of Hundred Pacers on his body. A subordinate of the King of Hundred Pacers (aka. master of the dead), Aidridringane. The leopard brought spirits of the dead to view a performance and met Liao there. Sensing the potential within Liao, he wanted to convince Liao to […]

Yan Shu-Chi

A guardian tiger in a small local temple. While looking for someone to restore his temple he possessed Liao’s clubmate to get close with Liao. Shares similar characteristics and the body build with the man he possessed. With a height of 160 cm and a young face, he is often mistaken for a high school […]