Legoshi is a male gray wolf and the main protagonist of Beastars. Though feared and misjudged by others for being a tall carnivore, he is actually quite mild-mannered, docile and awkward. Legoshi has taken it upon himself to solve the mystery of the murder of Tem and later finds out first hand the extent of the prejudices of the […]

Shirou Ogami

Shirou Ogami is a main character in the BNA: Brand New Animal series by Studio Trigger. He is a Wolf Beastman and works as a social worker in addition of being the first and original Ginrou. He despises humans and fights for the rights of Beast men. During the course of the series, he acts […]

Horkeu Kamui

A warrior and Stray Transient who appeared from the world of Kamuykotan without the aid of a Summoner. He loves the human race and teaches them his warrior ways. This divine wolf currently resides among the militant Ikebukuro Berserkers in search of a human of the caliber of a hero who he can call Master. […]


A spirit orb transferred the memories of one of the eight samurai dogs to this ninja; a soul which happened to belong to the feudal lord he served under in the distant past. Regardless, he continues training as a ninja and works to accumulate Coin in order to achieve his prime goal of avenging his […]


A Transient summoned from the world of Gehenna. He is prone to flashy battles and can usually be found at the underground Colosseum of the Ikebukuro Guild. He uses his agility and tricky movement to his advantage. Because of his friendly demeanor, he has many ardent fans. He’s not particularly fond of opponents who only […]

Shun & Kouya (Official)

A secret sex scene in Morenatsu between Shun and Kouya. It didn’t make it into the final despite the pairing being perfect.

Shun Kodori

Shun Kodori (古酉 峻, Kodori Shun) is one of the 8 playable routes and one of the 9 choices to be Hiroyuki’s boyfriend during the events of Morenatsu. He is Gaku Kodori’s second cousin. Shun is an extremely cheerful wolf that also includes a touch of childishness. Even though he looks like a child, he is just one year […]