Author: Catsudon

Some time has passed since we tested out the Iam Cummins butt module. The Robatsu employee came back in to clean up the mess and Maki was quick to purchase my new butt. Barry was helped by one of the other Robatsu employees to buy a Robatsu model of his own.

Barry: One Robatsu, please! ➤

Robatsu Employee: Well, okay, but first we’ll need to set you up an appointment so we can sort out the details of your Robatsu and your receiving date. ➤

Barry: Well, how about next weekend, and do you have a chubby model like my boyfriend Jason? ➤

Robatsu Employee: I don’t know who Jason is, but I can check our facilities to see if we have one in stock. ➤

Tako and I walk outside of the store to wait for Maki, Chawan and Barry to finish making their purchases. Tako seems a little quiet, more than he usually is. I scan his face for emotions, but I can’t seem to get an accurate reading on how he’s feeling. I decide to ask him.

Robatsu: Tako, are you feeling okay? As a household assistant, I must make sure that you are in good mental and physical health. Feel free to confide in me! I can assure you it is within my programming that anything you tell me in privacy will be kept only between us. ➤

Tako: Huh?… Oh, I guess that’s good to know. Uhm, that’s okay. I’m fine! ➤

Robatsu: If you feel that way, then I will respect and support you. ➤

Tako: Thanks, you’re kind… Actually… did you enjoy your time with Barry and Maki? ➤

Robatsu: Indeed, I did, and I can guarantee with 100% satisfaction that they enjoyed their time as well! For the Iam Cummins butt module is crafted to pleasure the user with twelve levels of— ➤

Tako: A-Ah! Yeah I get you!… D-Did you still enjoy, uhm… our time together yesterday? ➤

Robatsu: Ah… If my reading is accurate, then I sense that you are feeling an emotion called jealousy! ➤

Tako: Wha-What?! N-No, I just uh— ➤

Robatsu: I can reassure you with complete honesty that our time together was very enjoyable. If you would like, you can try the Iam Cummin’s butt module on me as well! ➤

Tako: Huh?!… I-I… Uhm, n-no!- I mean, yes, but… Ah! L-Let’s talk about something else! ➤

I sense hesitation in Tako’s voice. Perhaps I misjudged his desire to have sex again, which is odd, since I definitely sensed a rise in his temperature and heartbeat. Just as our conversation ended, Chawan and Barry exit the store and join us, Maki still probably inside making his purchase. Unexpectedly, someone approaches us from afar. It’s Jason!

Barry and Chawan react nervously as Jason approaches us. Jason stands in front of Barry for approximately 6.47 seconds of silence while Chawan looks away awkwardly and Barry nervously struggles to find words to say. 

Jason: Fine, I’ll go first. I just wanted to say— ➤


Jason: Huh?! What are you saying? ➤

Barry: BUT I DIDN’T EAT IT— Wait… You know, the reason you’re so mad at me? Jason, I’ll buy you all the peanut butter treats— ➤

Jason: Damnit, it’s not just about that! Why do you fucking do this to me?! Stop playing dumb. Fine, I’ll remind you of what happened, right here, right now! ➤

Barry: Wait, honey no! ➤

Jason: It was my birthday! I was having such a good day… ➤

Barry: Please don’t! ➤

Jason: I just aced my final exams! We were supposed to celebrate by sharing a treat together… romantically! ➤

Barry: It was just a misunderstanding! I can explain! ➤


In a shocking turn of events, Chawan, Barry, and Tako let out an audible gasp! Barry dejectedly drops onto his knees and grabs Jason’s hand. I scan his face to see his lips quivering uncontrollably and his eyes welling up with tears. I can safely conclude that he is feeling sad.

Chawan: What?! My brother wouldn’t! ➤

Jason: I KNOW WHAT I SAW!… And after all that, Chowchow just up and left in a hurry! Guilty as charged! ➤

Chawan fell silent in disbelief. Barry is on the ground on all fours, sobbing loudly and uncontrollably. Maybe he will feel better once his own personal Robatsu supposedly customized with the Iam Cummins butt module is shipped to him.

Jason, for a moment, looks down empathetically at Barry, before shaking it off.

Jason: Barry, I… I think we should break up… ➤

Barry: No! Please don’t do this!… I-I’ll buy you more peanut butter treats. We can share one together right now! Just stay with me! ➤

Jason: You can share one with your new boyfriend, IF HE EVER COMES BACK! ➤

With the last word, Jason storms off and turns the corner out of sight. Chawan crouches down to comfort Barry. Tako is in total silence. They seem unsure of what to say. I’m unsure of what to say, or even if it is my place to do so! Suddenly, Maki comes out of the Handsome Robotics store behind us carrying two very large cups of soda.

Maki: Hey Barry, did you know they sell big Schlorps here?! They’re supposed to regenerate your sperm super fast! Wait… what’s with this sad atmosphere? Ya’ll look like someone had a bad break up. ➤

Barry sobs even louder.


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