Asriel Dreemurr

Asriel Dreemurr

Monster Goat

Asriel has long ears, a snout, and visible fangs. In his initial form, he wears a green, long-sleeved shirt with yellow stripes and black pants, similar to the First Human’s clothing. He also has a small wisp of fur on his head and lacks horns, unlike his father Asgore.

God of Hyperdeath

This form is named directly in the game, where the “Check” option labels Asriel as “the absolute GOD of Hyperdeath!” The sclerae of his eyes become black, his fangs become longer, and he now has horns. He wears a long, dark robe with white sleeves and the Delta Rune on the front, with a large collar and shoulder pads. This robe is similar to Toriel’s. He also wears a locket similar to the Heart Locket.

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