The Doctor is IN

Author: Bobokitty

“Hello Reagan, your mom called in and your appointment is set. Dr. Herald will be with you in a moment,” the smiling receptionist grinned over the stack of papers in front of her.

The young husky nodded and sat down, a little nervous since it was his first time visiting the doctor alone. He picked up a nearby magazine and thumbed through it for a few moments. He didn’t like being there alone, in fact, he didn’t like being there at all. But since neither of his parents could get off work, and the clinic was so close to the school, he had no choice. The only reason he had to come there in the fist place was that his school required a full physical once a student reached the age of thirteen, which meant Reagan had.

“I hate doctor’s offices…” the young canine muttered under his breath as he grabbed a new magazine.

“You shouldn’t say that. It’s not nearly as bad as you would think, darlin’,” said a young male wolf was standing next to him in a nurse’s uniform. “But honestly, ” the wolf whispered, “I don’t like being here all day either.” The two of them giggled. “Are you Reagan?” he asked after a few moments.

“Yeah, why?” the husky asked.

“Your turns up silly. C’mon,” the nurse stood up and lead Reagan through the double doors and into the back where the examining rooms were.

The hallway was bleakly colored and lined with dark brown doors, several of them had red lights blinking at the top right corner of them.

“What are those lights for?” Reagan asked, staring up at them for a moment.

“That just means that a doctor is in with a patient and no one is supposed to come in as long as its on,” the wolf answered while flashing a slightly predatory smile, but it went unnoticed. “Right in here, love,” the nurse said as he opened the door for Reagan, following him in and closing it with a heavy click sound.

The nurse went through the routine pre-checkup measurements, never letting his eyes off the young boy.

“Okay, take off your clothes and sit on the table over there,” stated the nurse and motioned toward the gray examining table.

The husky stripped down to his underwear and headed toward the cold looking table.

“No darlin’, lose the skivvies too,” he said with a small chuckle.

“Why? I’ve never had to do that before…” the canine was apprehensive, and kind of nervous. “You’re here for a big boy check up, no clothes allowed. Sorry baby, I don’t make the rules. I’ll leave now if you want.” he asked, still smiling, and taking what would be considered more than glances at the boy’s unusually large bulge in his shorts. The husky nodded, and the nurse left.

As soon as the door clicked close again, Reagan’s shorts slowly came off, leaving him exposed and mildly embarrassed. He looked down at his freed member, feeling a little uncomfortably being naked in a strange place, but he did as he was told and sat on the table. The nurse had been right, he was packing a lot more than could be expected from someone so young. Even more than could be expected from a lot of full grown furs. His fuzzy white balls hung low, and sat on the paper that covered the table when he sat down. So he sat there. He noticed he was exposed to anyone who might walk in the door, so he closed his legs and turned to the side a bit, and waited. And waited. And waited.

Finally, a knock on the door woke Reagan out of his mild trance, the door cracked open a bit and a large muzzle came through. “Can I come in?” a deep voice asked, still through the small crack in the door. The pup recognized it as his family doctor’s nose, and said “yes.”

“Well, Reagan LeSalle… How are you doing today?” the large horse asked, walking in the door, followed by the same nurse as earlier, who closed the door and flipped a switch that turned on the same red light Reagan saw in the hallway. “I’m g.g..good, doc.” he shivered. “Are you cold? I’m burning up in here.” the doctor asked with a light chuckle as he draped his white coat over the back of a chair, and then sat down. “, I’m kinda nnn.nervous.” the young fur was still shivering. “Nervous? About what?” the doctor asked, pulling out a stethoscope from his shirt and pressed it to Reagan’s back. “I don’t like being naked in front of people, it’s weird.” he shivered a bit, calming down. The doctor’s warm hands were comforting. “Is that all? That’s no big deal. You wanna stand up for me?” the doctor asked, moving his chair back a little, still sitting.

Reagan cautiously stood up, fully exposing himself to the large equine. His white and gray fur shimmered a little under the fluorescent lights, his large package stood out too, just a few inches away from Dr. Herald’s nose. “Wow Reagan, you’ve got a pretty impressive body for such a young guy.” the doctor smiled and looked up at him. The young fur whined, feeling extremely embarrassed, shivering all over. “You’re still nervous? Is there anything I can do to make you more comfortable, I don’t like having a miserable patient.” a mildly concerned look on his light brown muzzle, a slight smile beginning to form at the edges of his mouth. “I don’t know, how about you let me put my clothes back on?” the doctor laughed, and pressed a hand on the husky’s abs. “You know what, the old acting method of picturing your audience naked works.” the doctor grinned. “But a lot of patients really do request we undress too so they won’t feel so singled out. Would that be okay?” the nurse who had remained in the back corner until now spoke up. “That’s ok, I guess.” Reagan laughed a little.

“Ok then.” the two men stood up and began disrobing. The effeminate wolf had his clothes off in a snap, his dark gray fur and slim muscles were easily visible under the examining room lights. Also, about two inches of pink wolf meat had accidentally escaped his sheath, the nurse blushed a little, but did nothing to hide the slowly developing hard-on he had obtained from looking over the young patient. The good doctor though, took his time. Almost performing a striptease for the boy. The stallions brown and white fur covered the heavily developed muscles, every one stood out, strongly defined. But what was the most eye-catching was the massive cock and balls he was sporting. Fully out of its sheath, but not hard, the horse’s member was almost twenty inches long, and his balls were huge. The lightly furred sac nestled on the chair he was sitting on, draped by his massive cock. The young husky had a light tingling sensation in his groin, he didn’t know why, but it felt good.

“Ok, now that we’re comfortable, lets continue our little checkup here.” the doctor said, reaching out and cupping Reagan’s balls in his hand. The warmth and light pulsing felt good in the doctor’s palm. “Yeah, you’re a big boy, been eating or veggies, huh?” the doctor laughed, and rubbed his finger in the opening of the boy’s furry sheath. The husky bit his lip a little, a strange new pleasure washed over his young body, and he couldn’t control it. “Let’s see how healthy you are…” the doctor placed the slightly moistened finger he had massaged the canine with in his mouth and sampled his pre, then started rolling the husky’s balls around in his hand.

A soft moan escaped Reagan’s lips, and the head of his black dick poked through his sheath. “Oh gods, I’m so sorry. I didn’t meant to…” the now even more nervous youth tried to stammer out an apology, but was stifled by the doctor. “It’s ok, it happens all the time.” he smiled and took his hands away from the boy’s sac. “Why don’t you hop up on the table and we’ll continue.” the doctor stood, his huge manhood, now becoming a little stiff, still hung between his muscular legs.

Reagan laid down on the table and looked up at the doctor who was standing over him, his cock almost on the table near the canines face. “I’m really sorry, I really didn’t mean to…” Reagan tried to apologize again, but was met with the same response. “Like I said, don’t worry about it. Now if you’ll just put your ankles up here.” the doctor had the nurse raise a set of bars on the side of the table used for gynecological exams, and moved to the foot of the table. The husky put his feet where asked, giving the doctor a perfect view of his tight young tail-hole.

He couldn’t resist any longer, the nurse’s hand reached out slowly and ran up the inside of Reagan’s leg, and settled on his large package. The boy moaned a little, but said nothing and didn’t make any opposition. So the nurse’s hand continued, and stopped on the canine’s now fully exposed dick. A full eight inches at least. The nurse smiled and moved to the side of the table. Reagan had his eyes closed, and was panting a little. “Nurse White is going to help you relax, ok buddy?” the doctor said, eyes still focused on the tight little black pucker, his cock getting harder by the second. The only response he received was a mildly heated moan and a nod. The nurse smiled and licked at the head of Reagan’s cock, pre-cum flowed from the tip, the sweet taste filling the wolf’s mouth. “That does feel good…” the canine sighed, eyes still closed.

“Ok, this might hurt a little, so I want you to relax al the muscles you can.” the doctor had pulled out a black dildo, and had it lubed up and poised at the pup’s entrance. The horse slid it in slowly, the young patient whimpered a little, but it soon faded into impassioned moaning, until the toy had been fully inserted. The nurse and doctor were enjoying watching the pup squirm and writhe in pleasure. So the wolf took things a step further, and took the entire length of the boy’s cock in his mouth, sucking gently with the back of his throat.

The only response the husky could manage was a long, drawn out moan. Dr. Herald walked to the other side of the table, next to the canine’s face, and whispered. “We have to be a little quieter with our exam Reagan, so you just put this in your mouth and suck on it for a little while.” the equine placed his now hard cock in reach of the boy’s face, he looked up at it for a moment, and then did as instructed. He could only fit a portion of it inside his mouth, but what could be expected of a thirteen year old boy trying to handle a twenty inch long monster as thick as a beer can?

Reagan enjoyed the new experience, the horse’s salty pre coated his mouth, the slick skin of his dick slid across his tongue. And the doctor was right, it kept him quiet. Dr. Herald was smiling down on him, massaging the back of his head, trying to coax more of his large cock into the pup’s mouth. But Reagan found it irresistible to play with the doctor as well. A gray furry paw took hold of the doctors lower shaft, and the other played with his balls. The intense combination of having his cock sucked, jacked, and being fondled all at the same time was driving the doctor crazy.

“Nurse, stretch him out a bit more, I want to have him ready for our next test.” the horse moaned. Nurse white, still sucking on the husky’s cock, reached down and twisted the base of the dildo, causing it to widen, stretching out Reagan’s tail-hole with it. A muffled scream came from around the head of Dr. Herald’s cock, as the pressure was applied to the boy’s ass hole.

“Ok, Reagan, here comes a real test.” the doctor backed away from the sucking mouth and busy hands that had been working on him, and headed to the foot of the table where the canine’s legs were propped up. “Nurse White, could you please give him something in his mouth to mute the sounds.?” the horse looked down at the busy wolf, who nodded and moved to take the doctor’s position from a moment ago. “Here you go darlin’. I think you might be able to handle this better than you could that monster.” the wolf smiled and put his seven inch piece of meat in reach of the husky’s hungry mouth. Reagan no sooner saw it than had it all in his mouth, sucking greedily on the cock in fornt of him.

“Well, someone’s hungry, let’s see if his other end needs to be fed too.” the equine’s deep voice whispered. He reached out and twisted the whole toy inside the stretched ass, eliciting a series of muffled moans from the head of the table (no pun intended). The doctor smiled and slowly pulled out the large dildo. “Well, one last test, let’s see if your results come back positive.” the horse smiled and put his dick at the young fur’s entrance, and covered it in lube. “Wouldn’t want to hurt my best patient, now would I?” he thought to himself. “Three… two… one… here it comes!” the horse’s monster cock head slid inside Reagan, a loud moan/scream followed. “I’m going to push it in an inch at a time, ok? If it gets to be too bad, I’ll stop. You just keep sucking that cock over there and you’ll be fine.” the doctor smiled, and began his work.

Every three seconds that passed, another inch of horse meat was shoved up the boy’s ass, causing the skewered pup to writhe around in pain/ecstasy as his doctor prepared to give him the fucking of a life time. After almost a full minute, the horse’s dick was fully buried inside Reagan, tears trickled down his face as he was still locked around the nurse’s cock. “Here we go…” the doctor said quietly as he pulled about halfway out, and thrust back in. Each stroke increasing in length and power. Faster and faster, the doctor’s preparation had loosened the boy up just enough to fuck, but it was so tight that it didn’t feel like anything had been stretched at all.

The doctor’s cock snaked across Reagan’s prostrate with each piston motion, the poor boy’s crotch was covered in his own sticky pre. Dr. Herald reached down and started jacking off the thirteen year old under him. Between the fucking, sucking, and jacking, the table was shaking furiously.

A moment later, the nurse howled out, and shot his load of gooey wolf cum all over Reagan’s face. The boy didn’t know what to expect, so when the first rope hit, he backed off, and now his face was laced with hot wolf seed. The doctor was now on the table, pounding the life out of the boy, his low hanging balls had pulled up to him, preparing to empty their contents into the boy. But to speed things up, the nurse climbed up into the boy’s lap, and began to ride his dog cock. The wolf’s ass stretching around Reagan’s black dick was enough to make the doctor go over the edge.

His massive balls pulsed and shot ropes of hot horse jizz into the boy’s ass, for almost a minute, the stud emptied his seed into the patient, filling his ass to the limit, causing massive amounts of the horse’s cum to dribble out onto the boy’s furry ass and the table.

During all this, nurse white was working Reagan’s cock to the limit inside his skilled tail-hole. Bending everything the right way, squeezing and pulling. The husky was moaning out in heat. But when the doctor’s seed hit his insides, the husky too hit his climax. The pup reached down and grabbed the wolf’s hips, and thrust into them like a feral. Reagan’s tightened up, and emptied their not so dramatic amount of contents inside the nurse, but the combination of his shooting and thrusting caused a big mess as nearly all of his cum splattered out onto his lap or the doctor’s chest.

The three exhausted males laid piled on the table for a moment. Exhausted, sticky, and naked. After a while the doctor stood up and took Reagan in his arms, and walked with the nurse into the shower that was connected to the office for a patient’s use before surgery. He turned on the warm water and washed the large amounts of seed of himself and the boy, as to not raise so many questions. The nurse licked the husky’s stretched tailhole, cleaning it of any cum that might still remain inside.

Too tired to object, or help for that matter, Reagan stood there, leaning against Dr. Herald’s muscular body, letting the two men go to work on his dirty body. After cleaning, they returned to the office and dressed. Joking and talking as if nothing had happened. But time had flown, and it was late. The doctor gave the boy a ride home. After a good bye kiss and a hug, Reagan got out and walked into his house, no one home yet. He went to his room and found a note on his door.

“Reagan. Remember to give the school a note tomorrow to leave, you have a dentist’s appointment.” was scribbled on a sticky note. He smiled and thought of how much he looked forward to tomorrow, even though he hates going to the dentist…

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