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KemoLove is a brand new scanlation group with a focus on kemono BL works. Originally started as, we expanded to include all kemono (Asian furry artwork) and went for this domain name and also to combine with our sister store,

We decided to move away from XenForo for many reasons, mainly the cost and the flexibility to design without code is limited. With WordPress + JetEngine + Elementor Pro has given us much more customization for under $100.

Please be patient with us as we work to build a great website. We are seeking staff so let us know if you’re interested in forums moderation, scanning, translating, or design.

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  1. Congrats on the site! so far it looks amazing, the design is very smooth and the categorization is so much better than most sites, it has all info one needs in both the artists and the doujins themselves, I remember visiting some time ago, so I am excited to see the future of the site, so best of luck you guys, I hope the site grows and becomes a mainstay for Kemo lovers!

    1. @dunkercat Thank you so much! I’ve had this site up for a couple months with no activity. I was getting discouraged.

      I am thrilled you like the design and all the info. It’s a lot of work but I feel it’s important to credit the artists and make finding things easy. It amazes me how long and big E-H is and yet they still don’t have fields for circle, title, event, etc. You have to put it all in the title in a weird format. My goal is to get all kemo translations from EH to here!

      Also if you like kemono doujinshi, check out our sister store at if you’re in the US, it’s a great way to get doujins quick with minimal shipping.

      1. @chaska Aw no worries!! I am sorry to hear that it has had no activity, it’s a really really good site ;; I’ll do my best to promote it wherever I can, in comments and sharing links and such, I’ll do my best!! And fear not, for I have no plans to leave here anytime soon haha! But I am sorry to hear that still ;; I hope it gets more traffic soon!
        That’s all awesome!! I completely agree, like, crediting artists, sourcing it and providing a good amount of info and links whenever possible makes it much easier to find more of stuff of the artists you like, and I’m in the same field, they have circle tags but they are barely used, if at all, to tell you the amount of times I’ve been scouring to even see the title of some doujins I’ve downloaded from E-H, it’s really shocking tbh, and that’s a great goal!! very amazing, I’ll do my best to help!! This is an amazing site as is now, I hope it grows and more and more people come and check it out, I think it’s a very noble work you’re doin here!
        And will do so certainly!! lemme check it out, I’m unfortunately not from the US, but I’ll share the link for other people to see and buy from it for a better and convenient option, thank u so much!

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