Hanna Fondant

Hanna Fondant is one of the main characters in Fuga: Melodies of Steel. She and a few other children of Petit Mona are one of the first members of a rescue team aboard the Taranis on a mission to save their parents from the Berman Empire.


A middle-school-aged demonic Transient who is a self-proclaimed men among men and finds talk of romance or love deeply uncomfortable. Despite that (or maybe because of it?), he has quite a romantic views of things. He has a tendency to strongly respect manly men who don’t have any interest in love or romance. His Sacred […]

Shin Kuroi

Shin Kuroi (黒井 深, Kuroi Shin) is one of the 8 playable routes and one of the 9 choices to be Hiroyuki’s boyfriend during the events of Morenatsu. He’s the son of a rich family and is in Minasato to recover from a powerful asthma attack he suffered from when he was young. He lives with his butler and guardian Tsukishiro Amaki.