Glitter Force

Glitter Force is an English dub of the Pretty Cure franchise. It is made up of two seasons of 20 episodes. It is a dub of Smile Pretty Cure! and the 8th Pretty Cure Series of all.

The Glitter Force is a magical group of 5 girls that Queen Euphoria enlisted Candy to assemble, in order to keep Emperor Nogo from giving the world an unhappy ending. The Glitter Force consists of five girls, named Emily, (Glitter Lucky / Hoshizora Miyuki/Cure Happy) Kelsey, (Glitter Sunny / Hino Akane/Cure Sunny) Lily, (Glitter Peace / Kise Yayoi/Cure Peace) April, (Glitter Spring / Midorikawa Nao/Cure March) and Chloe (Glitter Breeze / Aoki Reika/Cure Beauty). Together, they fight villains such as Ulric, Brute, Brooha, Rascal, and even Emperor Nogo himself! Their catchphrase is: “Time to blaze away to a happy ending! Shining bright, here comes the Glitter Force!”



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